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Therapeutic Footwear

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Zlippo Suppliers

Zlippo offers an extensive collection in models shaft in many colours.

  • 30 Models of shafts to make flipflops, slipper and sandals
  • 48 colors and prints
  • 9 colors stitch
  • Supplies to repair the slippers
  • Zlippo also supply custom-made service for shafts

We take great interest in your ideas.
For more information mail to info@zlippo.nl

Dragonstraat 21
5044 JHR Tilburg
The netherlands
Tel: 0031-134684682

Milling service

If you don’t have a cad-cam system and you would still like to have milled footsoles you can send a foam box and a plan for therapy on a blueprint to:
Zlippo Milling service
Dragonstraat 21
5044 HR Tilburg
The Netherlands
For more Information mail to: Zlippo@allesovervoeten.nl