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  • Vrijdag 29 november 2024

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Belgian Podiatry Conference
5th of march 2015

Additional therapy and new skills in the podiatry.

The podiatry profession is evolving very fast and podiatrists are constantly searching for new additional therapies to enlarge their professional scope of practice.

This interactive conference will add new skills and additional therapies to your scope of practice including: pro’s and contras of shockwave therapy, the use of diagnostic imaging ultrasound, dry needling possibilities (verrucae, trigger points), new developments in ankle brachial index and toe pressure index, evolution and accessibility of 3D printing & CADCAM systems within your practice.

International experts will tease you with these additional therapies and new skills in relation to lower limb disorders as well as higher up the kinetic chain. Furthermore, advanced skills in shoe development and fitting will be widely addressed.

The keynote speaker Mr. Clifton Bradeley, owner SUB-4 (UK) has an exceptional view on assessment tools for examination and treatment of sportspeople. With his company SUB-4 he developed several examination instruments which can be used in static and dynamic exams.

Ms. Cynthia Formosa, Head podiatry department, University Malta: Importance of early identification of peripheral arterial disease using different physiological tests.

Ms. Monique van der Kaa, podiatrist and owner ZLIPPO (NL) is an expert in manufacturing custom made podoshoes. During the hands on workshop she will use case studies to present this new skill and will together with the participants manufacture custom made solutions.

The organizing committee of the Belgian Podiatry Conference is convinced you will learn new skills which you can reflect on and implement within your daily practice.


Peripheral arterial disease, Cynthia Formosa 
What is a Podoshoe?, Marly van der Schroor
Zlippo design and measurements, Dennis Jongen
Manufacturing of a podoslipper/sandal, Monique van der Kaa
Modelling of a footbed for podoshoe, Daphne Hoebink
Possibilities of the podoshoe, Susan Ribbers
Orthotics 3D printing, Rick Broshuis
Ultrasound, Sabine Scheepens  
Pelvic equilibrium theory, Clifton Bradeley


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Jozef Mertensstraat 140,
B-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
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