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  • Vrijdag 29 november 2024

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Therapeutic Footwear

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What is therapeutic footwear

Custom-made footwear for foot problems named Podoshoe

Podiatric soles, processed in flipflops, slippers or sandals
Podiatric footwear is developed by podiatrists as a complementary therapy for certain foot problems.
Podiatric footwear consists of a footbed an a shaft/ upper.

The Footbed

The podiatrist applies correction and pressure distribution based on a therapy plan for soles.
Preferably a cad-cam system is used.
The materials used are E.V.A 35 to 50 shore.
The soles differ in thickness. Forefoot 6 to 9 mm and hindfoot 9 to 19 mm.
This is what makes podiatric footwear very comfortable.

The Upper

The upper is ordered by www.freefeet.eu.

It is a leather product with a microfiber lining and padding.

There are different types of straps that can be used to produce different models.

The leather straps are “one size” and available from stock.

The uppers can be adjusted to the foot in such a way exostoses and pressure sores can be taken into account.


  • Various persistent foot complaints, like pain in the heel or forefoot, are solved.
  • Pressure sores and ulcers are taken away, e.g. for diabetic or rheumatic foot. podiatric footwear can be manufactured on short term.
  • Podiatric footwear offers a temporarily alternative for orthopedic shoes and enhances motivation for therapy.
  • By applying a plan for soles, the use of custom-made soles will reduce recurrent injuries that are common for ill-fitting footwear.

The costs

The costs for the patient correspond with the costs for a pair of podiatric soles plus:. More therapy time is charged for the measuring and the supplying of podiatry footwear than for podiatric soles.


For milling EVA orthotics or a sandalfootbed, contact us at info@freefeet.eu

There are also possibilities for 3D printing.

See www.podoschoeisel.eu/freefeet-freesservice

Evidence based

EVA 40 shore gives a nice density. The students of podiatry at Saxtion conducted a study about how offloading forefoot pressure with a rocker bottom or 40 shore Eva

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